Wolmyeongdong: A Spiritual Place I Visit To Gain Strength in Christ

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Hi, I’m Masha from Germany.

I would like to say something about the place you see in the big photo behind me. It’s a beautiful idyllic place in South Korea surrounded by mountain ranges. There is a pond, three waterfalls, a sports field, a rock garden, a spring with healing water, caves, rare pine trees, a majestic building that looks like a palace, a museum with some natural image rocks, many walking trails, and so much more! This place is called Wolmyeongdong. How did I come to visit this place, which is so far from my own country? And why would I want to talk about it?

My first time in Wolmyeongdong

My first time visiting Wolmyeongdong was in 2002 when I went for a big international culture and sports event.

Being a musician myself, I was very impressed by the passion and dedication of the musicians that gathered there. They were powerful and inspiring. I did recognize the significance of this place since I learned more about it. This place fascinated and truly mesmerized me. While I stood there in the midst of God’s beautiful nature and everyone who was wholeheartedly praising God with their voices and instruments, I almost fainted with happiness. I think I jumped in the air, singing and dancing.

Even though I had visited many churches prior to that experience, it was my first time experiencing a church in the world where I could feel people praising God with such earnest hearts under the open and glistening sky, which is God’s creation.

This place is very special indeed because not only is the landscape fascinating and full of significance but everything there, whether a stone artwork or a tree or the grass on the lawn, has a spiritual meaning and a story connected to it. This place was created for people to glory God with. In turn, here, through nature, through birds or small insects, butterflies, grasshoppers or clouds, God seems to speak to people when they come to glorify Him here. Last time, when I was in March 2017 in WMD, I saw many eagles in the sky. In the Bible the eagle symbolizes the Messiah. It was a sign for me that he will come soon.

I have never seen such a great temple. Compared to the largest European temple buildings, it is impressive how big this area is.

I feel closer to Christ when I visit Wolmyeongdong

This place has grown to be an important part of my life. I find myself coming again whenever I have the chance. When I pray here, I am able to rest while drawing new strength and fire for my faith in Christ. So whenever I come to Wolmyeongdong, I pray to show God my love and gratitude.

The history of this place is impressive. It was not always the way it looks now. It was a desolate place where there were no trees, no water, and no fertile soil. But there was a man who was born in this place who had a dream. He had a stunning and breathtaking vision of developing this place. He was determined to fulfill his vision because he was sure that it was God who inspired him. So he made it into what you see today, a temple in nature.

Every stone in the rock garden has a name and a certain shape which looks like humans or animals. When you look carefully, you can see how these stones are masterpieces of nature. God, like a sculptor, has shaped nature for thousands of years, making them what they are today. Each form is reminiscent of something.

If you look at the rock landscape, you can see that they erected some stones vertically. This is also very symbolic. Namely, people should have an established faith that allows them to stand tall. If a person doesn’t have faith, they will collapse. The stones are large and majestic and they reflect people who believe in God, that each person can become a masterpiece and stand tall if they live within God’s love.

There are also pines that Pastor Jung transplanted to Wolmyeongdong and pines that he has raised since he was young. They are beautiful treasures. Each also has a name, a story, and symbolic meaning.

Wolmyeongdong will not disappoint you

When I came to Wolmyeongdong, I felt this place also improved my skin tone much more than applying expensive cosmetics. I felt like the Lord was embracing me. In fact, even Fengshui experts say this place is really precious because of how the energy flows from the surrounding mountain ranges down to Wolmyeongdong. It makes me wonder how much effort God put into making this place.

Pastor Jung worked together with God to expand this place. Since he is also an avid painter and potter, he has put his impressive artworks on display in a museum located in Wolmyeongdong. The 2012 exhibition about Drawing with the mind and the 2015 exhibition Put up the sail have been a major influence on me.  Every painting he paints has a deep spiritual meaning.

I am convinced that God is working through him and teaching people more about the Bible.

That’s why I’ve come to this place five times already. This place magically attracts me somehow. Every time I visit, even though I have to fly for more than 13 hours, I always look forward to it because I can feel the power of God’s love that emanates from this place.

If you want to find inner peace and balance, if you want to learn more about this mystical place, if you simply want to sing freely without restraint, or have any ailments cured and become healthy, then please try coming here at least once and learn more about the events and stories hidden in this place. Breathe the fresh air and feel the spiritual power that emanates from this place.

I believe you Wolmyeongdong will not disappoint you.

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