Alpha Day

June 1, 2021 all-day
143-1 Seokmak-ri
Jinsan-myeon, Geumsan, Chungcheongnam-do
South Korea
Wolmyeongdong Office
Alpha Day: A celebration of the beginning of history

After the Trinity trained and prepared Jesus to deliver the Gospel, Jesus preached it to the people of his time without regards to the sufferings he had to face. Because of that, we now understand more about God and our relationship has improved from servants simply worshipping God to children who have a deeper connection with God.

On June 1, Wolmyeongdong Church holds a day to commemorate the beginning of the Gospel. The beginning of the Gospel is, in order words, the alpha of the Gospel.

While living with Jesus, Pastor Jung Myung Seok learned and realized the core principles of the Bible. He realized how much God loves and wants to save people. So he prepared to deliver the Gospel by creating charts based on what he learned.

When Pastor Jung left Wolmyeongdong to deliver the Gospel to Seoul, it was May 23, 1978. Along the way, he stopped by Mt. Baebang and prayed for a week before arriving in Seoul on May 31. He slept one night there and it became June.


Wolmyeongdong: A place to give glory to God

“We should evangelize and have a celebration.” ~ Pastor Jung Myung Seok

As Pastor Jung brought people to God, he felt sad there was no place big enough for disciples to gather. He wanted a place disciples could give glory to God freely to the heart’s content. That was when God taught him about the value of Wolmyeongdong. God led him to develop Wolmyeongdong, so that believers from all over the world and people who are seeking to learn more about God can come and give glory to God.

That is why at the beginning of June, we celebrate the start of the Gospel in Wolmyeongdong. It is also a time to rekindle our hearts so that we can preach the Gospel in our daily lives.

For Wolmyeongdong Church, June has become a month of evangelism, a month to manage lives, and a month of prayer.

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