Natural Temple Rock Festival

September 22, 2012 – October 21, 2012 all-day
Wolmyeongdong Natural Temple
143-1 Seokmak-ri
Jinsan-myeon, Geumsan, Chungcheongnam-do
South Korea
Wolmyeongdong Office
The World’s Best Natural Temple Rock Landscape

Everything in the world is part of God’s creation. Among them, water, soil, and rocks were the most essential substances God used to form the earth. However, rocks in particular were deemed to be useless in the past. But as human civilization advanced, rocks have become an indispensable part of human society.

Nowadays, humans have become as common as rocks. That is why we sometimes feel that we are useless in the world, just another number. But the truth is, even rocks, which are extremely common, shine when they are used. The Omnipotent Holy Trinity came to us, who are as common as rocks, and invited us to Heaven.

While saving lives, I preached the Gospel to countless people who lost their way in life. They were disheartened and wandering lives. As I brought more and more lives to God, people had to cramp into the small church I rented at the time to listen. I felt so guilty about serving God in such a small rented church.

In the past, Jesus preached the Word in places like the Mount of Olives or the Sea of Galilee where crowds of people could sit comfortably while worshiping and giving glory to God. I too prayed to God for a place like that in nature. At that time, God answered me and told me that he would grant my request. Later, God and the Holy Son told me to return to my hometown.


The Mysterious Heavenly Land of Wolmyeongdong

At first, God had my younger brother develop the Natural Temple into a training center. God made me realize about His Will little by little. At that time, I thanked God for permitting me to build the Natural Temple and moved my ministry from Seoul to my hometown. That was when I began the development of the Natural Temple. As I was praying to God about how to develop Wolmyeongdong, I saw a vision. After that, I immediately started constructing the place exactly according to what God had shown me.


Some of the best landscaping experts in Korea who we hired gave up on the construction saying it was too dangerous. Because I had never dabbled in landscaping before, I really didn’t know what to do. I was at a loss. There were also rocks and trees I thought were impossible to buy because I simply didn’t have the money. However, because God was with me, the impossible became possible.

If God and the Lord had not been with me, it would have been impossible. I did not know how to do anything, not even the principle of erecting rocks. I was able to finally dedicate this magnificent, wondrous, and beautiful Natural Temple to God after toiling for many years with the rest of the disciples.

People have made their personal stories in the Natural Temple. However, more than 80% of the stories are stories between the Trinity and me. There is not one rock that doesn’t have a story behind it. Because everything has stories involving God, Wolmyeongdong has become a historical place in God’s history.


The Meaning Behind the Natural Temple Rock Festival

Because God inspired me to hold rock festivals annually, I wanted to use this time to give glory to God. That is why we host the rock festivals and flower festivals. I hope all of you will come and see the magnificent, wondrous, and beautiful sites that God has put His hand upon, and I hope you will realize how living and active God is. He is working among people and through nature.

When you come and see for yourself, I am sure you will encounter God.

The rocks in Wolmyeongdong will inspire your heart. Their stories testify about God. It is a new history of faith, a great awakening that gives people eternal hope. From this place, the Word of God spreads out to nations around the world and seeks to change the lives of many.

To all who visit Wolmyeongdong, think of the rocks in this beautiful rock garden as symbols of people. Whether the rocks are small or big, they shine by doing their job. Through this, realize that there is no one who is not needed by God. If you accept God’s invitation, God will make your life into a radiant one like these rocks in Wolmyeongdong.

Everyone, please entrust your life to God. I pray that, through the Holy Spirit, you will be filled with the abundant blessings of God and the Lord in your days ahead. I bid you peace and farewell.


~Jung Myung Seok, President of the World Culture Art Organization



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