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2017 Summer Retreat Outdoor Festival | Little Planet Wolmyeong Dong

2017 Summer Retreat Outdoor Festival | Little Planet Wolmyeong Dong Watch me run around the Little Planet of Wolmyeong Dong during the 2017 summer retreat outdoor festival! I start off at the new courtyard waterfall. Since Wolmyeongdong is in Korea, sometimes I need to speak in Korean. So since I’ve improved my Korean, I can […]

How to Landscape: Foundation and Rocks

How to landscape! Learn the principles behind landscaping on any scale by watching how we created the best landscapes in Korea! We originally had outside help, but after we learned how to do it ourselves, we did everything ourselves! To date, we have built four landscapes in Wolmyeongdong, but this video focuses on the rock […]

How To Landscape With Huge Rocks In 4-Steps

Learn how to landscape using huge rocks! You can use the techniques I outline for small rocks as well! Step 1: Find a Place to Put Your Rocks Wolmyeongdong Recreation Center finished the Banquet Courtyard this year in 2017. The director in the red cap led the rock landscaping. You can see him in this […]

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