Artwork Exhibition Course Map

Wolmyeongdong Recreation Center offers five different courses that showcase our many natural artworks. Artworks include some of the most beautiful trees found in all of Korea, image rocks with forms of various animals, and world-renown rock landscapes. The length of each course may vary, but if you decide to take them all in one go, it takes about 4.5 hours. Check out our interactive map below! You can click the markers to see more info of each of our artworks.

Wolmyeongdong artwork 2017 summer retreat map of walking trails

Interactive Map

Sports Field Course 1 (Dark Blue)

A. Arm Span Pine

B. Holy Son Boulder

C. Great Stone Face (104 tons)

D. Elephant Boulder

E. Wolmyeong Lake Persimmon (1st pair)

F. Ambition Masterpiece

G. Lovely Pine

H. Oasis Waterfall (1st waterfall)

I. Oasis Persimmon (1st pair)

J. Temple Bonsai

K. Twin Persimmons (2nd pair)

L. Camel Boulder

M. Twin Persimmons (3rd pair)

N. Lawn Sanctuary Persimmons (4th pair)

Sports Field Course 2 (Light Blue)

A. Lawn Sanctuary

B. Freedom Pine

C. Medicinal Spring Water

D. Prayer Cave

E. Traditional Blue-Tiled Roof House

F. Twin Persimmons (5th pair)

G. 316 Rock Masterpiece

H. Jehovah Jireh Pine

I. Toad Boulder

J. Banquet Courtyard Waterfall (3rd waterfall)

K. God’s Love Rock

L. 316 Commemoration Hall (Holy Son’s House of Love)

M. Wolmyeong Lake

N. Lake Gazebo

O. Lake Waterfall (2nd waterfall)

Front Mountain Course (Brown)

A. First Alpha Boulder

B. Faith Mountain Peak (Front Mountain)

C. Golden Rooster Boulder

D. Donggurae Mountain Gazebo

E. Great Fortune Pine

F. First Omega Boulder


Pine Tree Course (Light Green)

A. Prayer Hill

B. Prayer Miracle Pine

C. Y-shaped Pine

D. Cheetah Pine

E. Holy Son Pine

F. Second Alpha Boulder

G. Portrait Face Rock

H. Pine Tree Walking Trail

I. Second Omega Boulder (Do Not Look Boulder)

J. Eagle Rock


Tiger Trail Walking Course (Orange)

A. Seonghwangdang

B. Tiger Walking Trail

C. Ganun Valley Persimmons (6th pair)

D. Measurement Rock

E. Sunrise Mountain Peak

F. Tiger Rock

G. King Clam Boulder

H. King Boulder (Throne Boulder)

I. Eagle Boulder

J. Threshold Boulder