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Musical Performance cover of a man standing and the title "Choice"

Teacher’s Day in Wolmyeongdong

Teacher’s Day in Wolmyeongdong The musical ‘Decision’ ran for two days and ended on May 15th for Teacher’s Day. It was about Sergeant Jung Myeong Seok who participated in the Vietnam War as a member of the Baengma (White Horse) Guerrilla Unit in 1966. While witnessing and experiencing the tragic devastation of the war, he […]

Congregation listening to Word being given in Wolmyeongdong Natural Temple

The Campus and Career Summer Retreat of 2015: Put up the Mast and Sail.

Put up the Mast and Sail!   Wolmyeongdong, a place of tranquility, became a place full of noise when the members from the campus and career departments of the Christian Gospel Mission (CGM) arrived at Wolmyeongdong to attend the 2015 Summer Retreat. The summer retreat for 2015 could have been cancelled because of the Middle […]

Rainbow in Wolmyeongdong

Rainbows in Wolmyeongdong

The Wonder of the World Rises in Wolmyeongdong “The creations that people make cannot be compared to the creations that God has made.” This is an excerpt from one of Pastor Jung Myeong Seok’s sermons. After the rain falls, the rainbow blossoms behind the mountains in Wolmyeongdong.  The palette full of the colours from Heaven […]

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The Founder

I was born on March 16, 1945 (3 Feb Lunar) and was the third eldest of my parent’s seven children. Wolmyeongdong was the mountain valley I was born in. It was a dreadful place for me. Even though I wanted to farm, there was not enough land. Even though I worked to the point my body felt like collapsing, I could not fill my empty stomach...

That's how barren Wolmyeongdong was, but thanks to God, I was able to open my eyes to His creation and develop Wolmyeongdong into the place you see now. God truly works in a mysterious way.

~Jung Myung Seok


We exist to enrich the lives of those who wish to experience nature and God in harmony

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