Wolmyeongdong is equipped with a wide variety of amenities. We have three stores: one souvenir shop to buy merchandise, one snack shop, and a cafe. Within the Holy Son’s House of Love, there is a cafeteria you can eat at during specific times and public WiFi available for you to use. During the summer, you can swim at any of the waterfall pools or the lake to cool down.

If you make a request, we can set up tents in our courtyard or sports field for certain events like outdoor BBQ’s. The sports field is a great place to play a variety of sports. We have a volleyball net that can double as a tennis net. And we also have different sized goals for soccer. Water is also an abundant resource in Wolmyeongdong, and all of our springs are enriched with natural minerals.

If you have questions. please send an inqury through our contact page!

Resting Spots

woman sitting comfortably outside on a rock under a tree next to the lawn in Wolmyeongdong

Medicinal Water

Fresh and clean medicinal water overflowing from a rock


Gazebo in Wolmyeongdong lake that can fit 100 people

Sports Field

Gazebo in Wolmyeongdong lake that can fit 100 people

Culture Center

Culture Center building in Wolmyeongdong

Stores & Cafes

Gusang Cafe Sign
Outdoor patio of the Myeong Shop
Cafe and Art Shop Sign in Wolmyeongdong