[Video] Hiking Trail #1

Video of the hiking trail that begins from the White Jesus Statue up to the rock engraved with a map of Wolmyeongdong then to the pavilion on Donggurae Mountain. From there, the trail wraps back down to the lawn sanctuary.

Understand God’s Heart Properly Through Prayer

Since I believed that God had already determined every human being’s fate, I thought that humans had no other choice but to live as predestined. No one taught me about this, but as I observed how things were, this was the conclusion that I reached through my own realizations.

Really, it was my own realization.

Circular Rainbow

There was a circular rainbow above the bronze Jesus statue! It looked like a halo, so I took a picture of it!

Bronze Jesus Statue

Close-up of the bronze Jesus statue next to the sports field. Pastor Jeong Myeong Seok received the design for the statue during prayer. He wanted to make a lifelike statue that would help people feel how real Jesus is.

Holy Son Statue 1

The Holy Son statue next to the Ambition Masterpeice. It is actually made of bronze!