[Video] Hiking Trail #1

Video of the hiking trail that begins from the White Jesus Statue up to the rock engraved with a map of Wolmyeongdong then to the pavilion on Donggurae Mountain. From there, the trail wraps back down to the lawn sanctuary.

Statue of the Holy Son

When You Do a Little More

When you do everything you can possibly do and then do a little more on top of that… that small extra amount will determine your destiny. It is about doing things once more for the final time!

The Holy Son statue during spring!

Holy Son Statue in Spring

Wolmyeongdong in the spring when the cherry blossoms bloom! Doesn’t the Holy Son statue fit in with the rest of the scenery?

Circular rainbow around the snow above the bronze Jesus statue

Circular Rainbow

There was a circular rainbow above the bronze Jesus statue! It looked like a halo, so I took a picture of it!

Close up of the bronze Jesus statue's face

Bronze Jesus Statue

Close-up of the bronze Jesus statue next to the sports field. Pastor Jeong Myeong Seok received the design for the statue during prayer. He wanted to make a lifelike statue that would help people feel how real Jesus is.

The Holy Son Statue next to the Ambition Masterpiece

Holy Son Statue 1

The Holy Son statue next to the Ambition Masterpeice. It is actually made of bronze!