2016 Arbor Day in Wolmyeongdong

Wolmyeong Dong News — Providence Gospel held a tree-planting festival in Wolmyeongdong for Korea’s 71st Arbor Day on April 5, 2016.

Members from various regions all came to participate. In Wolmyeongdong, they fertilized the Aronia in Myeongmak-gol and arranged trees on Cho Mountain.

In an interview about the day’s event, Kang Ji-Sue from Seoul said, “I drove to Wolmyeongdong from the quiet of dawn filled with excitement. When I arrived, the morning breeze was chilly, but during the daytime, the feeling of spring was splendid.”

She continued, “I found it difficult to fertilize the trees because of the stench coming from the fertilizers. But I prayed for the trees to grow well and gave thanks to God for raising us with all His heart and dedication. I had a delightful day with the Lord in Wolmyeongdong. It was gratifying, and I felt the Lord’s love in my heart upon returning home.”

A group of people gather on a mountain side to pray on Arbor Day before going to plant trees

For Arbor Day, Pastor Jung Myung Seok once again emphasized the importance of environmental protection and reminded us to give thanks to God for blessing us with His beautiful creations of nature. With thanksgiving, the event began and ended with prayer.

~All pictures are from Mannam&Daehwa

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