Jung Myung Seok Works on Wolmyeongdong’s Landscape | God’s Design

God works with a design in mind

Yesterday, Jung Myung Seok finished the second level of the Northern Mural. If you look at it now, you’ll see that we have finished it. We had to work on it until 11 pm.

When God works on something, He works in a very different way than humans. Before He orders a task to be done, He actually already has a design in mind. And He has already made plans to finish the task well in advance. On the other hand, people plan and work things out in an instant. They act like mad men that do things spontaneously. If God tries to do things in that way, He would not be able to manage the Earth or the universe.

For small tasks, you can do them on the spot with a spontaneous plan. But when you work on a big project, if you try to do things spontaneously, it will not work out. You must prepare and plan a lot ahead of time.

Before Jung Myung Seok build his house, he designed it while consulting experts for years. Those experts were senior designers. The design that he drafted and the finalized design he has now are completely different. It is because they continually improved the previous designs with better ideas.

Jung Myung Seok works on Wolmyeongdong’s landscape with God’s design

The same principle applies to developing the landscapes of the Natural Temple.

Jung Myung Seok knocked down what we had been working on and built it again. He knocked down the old parts and added newer parts. Others would not tear down a landscape that they’ve made once they have made it. But Jung Myung Seok had no qualms with tearing down parts here and there and reconstructing them.

He modify previous designs with newer ideas. That is why he could make the landscape more ideal. Now, we are implementing the new designs that Jung Myung Seok has been thinking about for a long time.

The works of God cannot be completed in a flash like when doing minuscule tasks.

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