God’s Word is a Revelation

The rocks and trees in Wolmyeongdong that have been purchased with money are not the only objects in Wolmyeongdong that are expensive and good. The most expensive objects are the ones that cannot be purchased with money, like the Camel Rock, the Whale Rock, the Look-at-Me-Not Rock. They are all precious masterpieces that cannot be purchased. They cannot even be moved.

A rock must share a story with God, the Holy Spirit, or the Holy Son. Then it is considered to be priceless.

People too, the greater their story is with God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son, the greater a person of mission they become.

Consider the Holy Son Rock. It is a precious gem because of the story it has with the Holy Son and me. It was going to be buried in the ground, but we brought it into Wolmyeongdong after I received a revelation from the Holy Son. Before receiving the revelation, we were intending to keep the rock buried in the ground because the land in the area was low, and the rock was poking out like a sore thumb.

One revelation from God, the Holy Spirit, or the Holy Son has a tremendous impact on how something will turn out.

God’s Word is a revelation.

During the Sunday, Wednesday, and morning services, revelations from God and the Holy Son are proclaimed in abundance. So you should listen well, realize that they are revelations from the Trinity, and then put them into practice. If you do, then you will gain tremendous things.

When God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son have words they want to convey, They deliver the words They want to speak by showing you various things in creation. This is another kind of revelation. Therefore, you need to pray earnestly. Then the Trinity will answer you through creation or a person saying, “It is like this,” and They will enlighten you on what you need to do.

~Excerpt from the Wednesday message on Nov 28, 2012; Pastor Jung Myung Seok

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