You Mustn’t Do Things Simply

Living a life of faith is equivalent to building the house of your heart. As you live, your house of faith is being built.

For rebuilding the house I was born in, there’s actually two designs that I have in mind. For the past year, I have been trying to make a design, but I haven’t come up with a satisfying one yet.

My first idea was to build a very, very small house that also has a separate office space that I could work in. My other idea was to build a big house from the beginning, but then I realized that no matter how big I built my house, it would never be able to accommodate all the people in Providence, yet alone the head pastors. After coming to that conclusion, I thought that I shouldn’t overthink things.

One of the architects told me, “If you can’t decide, then the house can’t be built. You should just go for it and see! If you don’t like it afterwards, just demolish it and rebuild it.”

If you get bored with a house after living in it for a while, you can always rebuilt it differently, so you don’t need to worry like me. That’s why I tell people at times when I’m overseas to simply show me the house they are building after it is finished. But I don’t like to do sloppy work.

I do things according to the Bible. There are certain things that I can’t stand. When I’m lighting a stove for instance, I can’t stand the thought of doing a half-hearted job of starting the fire by simply throwing in long pieces of wood in the stove. If I do that, it’ll only smoke. If you do things in a half-hearted way, you will not be able to receive even one won, let alone salvation.

I work at an almost perfect level. I feel relieved only when I think that things have been done perfectly.

You too mustn’t do things simply.

Since you will be paid according to your deeds, you will all die if you work without care.

~Excerpt from the morning message of March 14, 1998; Pastor Jung Myung Seok

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