The Trinity Speaks Using the Mirror of Parables

* I asked God while praying:

“How come Providence people say ‘Lord, Lord!’ but don’t recognize the Lord when they see him in their dreams, don’t rejoice, and don’t follow?”

God answered:

“They are like that because they are physical and are not spiritual.

If they are close with the body, they will communicate well with ‘the body,’ and if they are close to and friendly with the soul and spirit, and communicate with the soul and spirit, even when they see ‘the soul’ in the soul world, they will be friendly to the soul, be close, and communicate.

Their bodies live centering on themselves during their waking hours just as you saw in your dream and in the soul world. That is why the levels of both their souls and spirits don’t rise higher.”

* In a dream there was a lion in a cage next to the path that people were traveling.

That cage had a door that people can enter through.

The lion keeper failed to manage the lion correctly. So people would enter the cage and die one person at a time every day.

This is a revelation about the fact that people were poorly managing lives and thus, lives were dying every day.

God shows this in a parable and lets people realize that ‘things are like that.’

* In a dream there was an empty lot like a narrow yard. People made a baseball team and were playing baseball in that lot.

However, they had to play baseball while running around an uncomfortable field. And whenever they would hit the balls, the balls would fly off into fields and forests.

They were playing with great difficulty.

On seeing that I asked the Holy Spirit: “Why are they doing that in an empty lot over the hill when they have the big sports field of Wolmyeongdong available to them?”

She said: “If people are at a low level, even if there is a big sports field next to them, they can’t see it and can’t use it. Because they are at a low level they see only where they are and cannot see other places. They are doing that over there because they don’t have big places where they are.

People live, receive, and enjoy in ‘that place’ in accordance with the level of their thoughts and actions.

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