According to God’s Instructions

While I was walking around yesterday, I noticed how the rock landscape was able to stand firmly even though the rain was pouring down. Since the rocks were not going to be affected much, I just left them there. The rest of the bigger boulders remained erected where they were set up.

It was okay because I placed them in a clever way exactly according to God’s instructions.

In the very beginning when we built the foundation with rocks, the rocks crumbled. Do you know why the rocks crumbled even though the foundation was made with rocks? It was because the mountain was too steep. When members climbed up the landscape, they said it was scary.

So, the next thing we did was completely reshape the mountain with civil engineering. When we reshaped the mountain and set the foundation with stones, it became safe.

When erecting rocks like these on the Ambition Masterpiece, the design and construction must be done well. The circumstances change depending on whether a mountain’s slope is shaped vertically at 25, 60, or 90 degrees or shaped horizontally at 15 degrees.

Even if rocks are erected on top of dirt, if the ground is even, then the rocks will never fall. However, rocks that are erected on top of an angle will never be able to stand because the dirt will eventually slip and slide.

~Excerpt from the morning message of July 7, 1997; Pastor Jung Myung Seok

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