God Gave Human Beings Freewill


I bless you to be filled abundantly with the love of the eternal God, the peace of the Holy Son, the fiery love of the Holy Spirit, and the inspiration, movement, and working of the Word.

Since God gave human beings freewill, even if He selects people and allows them to live believing in the Lord, people can use their freewill to think and do things according to their own hearts. If He had not given us freewill, there would never be a time when a person would give up on believing in God and the Lord once they believed.

However, if He forced us to believe, there would be no reason or justice in that. If He forced us to believe, then we would have to receive God’s interference for every single aspect of our lives, such as what we think, what we eat, how we dress, and how we live. But God does not look after human beings in this way.

He lets people eat and digest on their own and lets them see and hear things on their own. He created our brains so that we could discern and judge things for ourselves.

God plants His Word into our brains, thoughts, and hearts, and lets us improve ourselves by allowing us to think about the Word and put it to practice on our own. Through this process, He lets our souls and spirits transform into Heavenly form.

No matter how much God and the Lord speak, your life is determined according to how you think, judge, and take action. This is the law of reason and justice that God has established.

Even after you have loved God and the Lord, lived for salvation and eternal things, and did well, if your heart of loving God and the Lord dies, then you will be seduced by people, fall for the pleasures of the world, and go to the world of material wealth. These are the things that your thoughts have decided to achieve according to your own freewill.

God does for us everything that He needs to do for us as God. However, He does not do everything He wishes to do. He doesn’t because He gave us freewill and allows us to make our own decisions according to our own freewill.

Both your body’s destiny and your eternal destiny are determined by whether you use your freewill well or not.

In the end, if you misuse your own freewill, your faith will become a faith that can’t be helped. So you absolutely have to control your physical nature and take action according to your spirit’s thoughts and the thoughts of the Holy Spirit and the Lord. You must not use your own freewill as you please but make sure to entrust it to God, the Holy Spirit, and the Lord.

You have to live entrusting your own freewill to God, the Holy Spirit, and the Lord and live using your freewill well. Then your faith will become a faith that can be helped.

People’s thoughts are in a constant state of flux. Their thoughts are so easily changed.

God said, “You should take action according to your own freewill, but as you do, you should also bear the responsibility.”

One time, I looked to see what was happening spiritually to someone whose life of faith was shattered. I looked at that person in the spiritual world. This is what I saw, so listen well.

When I looked at the spiritual reality of someone whose life of faith was shattered, that person’s spirit had crossed the river into the domain of death. Satan was holding that spirit and would not let go. There was no boat that person could take to escape and return to the domain of life again. Thus, that person kept living as a spirit that was trapped in that environment.

When I met with that spirit, I could clearly see into that person’s thoughts, behavior, and heart. In the past, that person so rabidly declared, “I must return to the domain of life. I am not a spirit who should be living here. I am different from other people. I will surely return to the domain of life where I used to live in the past.”

But as time passed, that person ended up mingling with more than 80% of the spirits who lived there and ended up living accustomed to that environment altogether. The houses those spirits lived in were slightly bigger than a dog house. Their ceilings were not even one meter high. So they lived with their backs bent 90 degrees.

When he saw me, his thoughts came back to life, and he wanted to follow me out of there. But when he determined his mind to get out, the evil spirits who managed the people there saw him and said, “Your thoughts are wrong. You are a citizen of this place. So you must follow the laws of this place.”

When I looked at the spirits in the domain of death, their forms had changed completely and they looked like ghosts. When I came out of there, I saw a world with a slight bit of light. When I looked around, I saw spirits there who lived like primitives.

Each spirit was being rewarded according to the deeds of their bodies, but there was no one who came to save them and no one who came to visit them at all. There was not even a sliver of the path of salvation at all.

When I looked at those spirits, they were the spirits of people whose bodies were given various ways and chances to travel towards the light of salvation but did not travel the path of salvation until the end while they lived centering on themselves and misusing their freewill.

That was why there was not even one person who came to lead them out even a sliver’s worth.

Their clothes smelled like they were rotting. Their bodies were beautiful but their spirits were like sick and ruined people and homeless beggars. They looked like people who were only skin and bones due to a severe illness and like people who were terminally ill and did not have many days left to live.

Since the Word, which is the food for the soul and spirit, was cut off because they lived as they pleased while rejecting God’s Word, they were skin and bones and were living with vague notions.

You have to know just how important living hearing the Word of God is!

When I saw what they looked like, it was really shocking.

The Holy Spirit said, “Realize just how valuable and important living life while listening to the Word of life in the domain of life is and live considering that life a joy every day and live investing your life in it.”

The Word is the spirit’s food and weapon. It is like fertilizer that is absolutely necessary for a tree to grow, and it is like the nutritious soil found at the base of a fruit tree.

The authority of the Word is the authority of the iron scepter. It is the Lord’s authority. Therefore, if you fight and govern using the Word, you will surely be victorious!

Use the freewill that God gave you well and valuably.

I bless you to always be awake and alert and to keep yourself from becoming distant from the Lord’s thoughts.

~Key points extracted from a sermon Pastor Jung Myung Seok delivered on Sep. 11, 2016

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