Wolmyeongdong Lawn Sanctuary in Autumn

Sometimes, it’s good to pray while surrounded by God’s creation. If you find yourself needing some time away from the world, I suggest taking a trip to Wolmyeongdong! But if you aren’t in Korea, then the closest park works as well.

[Video] Hiking Trail #1

Video of the hiking trail that begins from the White Jesus Statue up to the rock engraved with a map of Wolmyeongdong then to the pavilion on Donggurae Mountain. From there, the trail wraps back down to the lawn sanctuary.

The Autumn Lawn

The autumn lawn seen from Cho Mountain in Wolmyeongdong. Can you see the moon?

Winter Lawn Sanctuary

During the winter, the lawn is covered by layers of snow. Even though the sun is out, it is still cold!