2015 Campus and Career Summer Retreat: Put up the Lord’s Mast and Sail

Wolmyeongdong, a place of tranquility, became a place full of noise when the members from the campus and career departments of the Christian Gospel Mission (CGM) arrived at Wolmyeongdong to attend the 2015 Summer Retreat.

The summer retreat for 2015 could have been cancelled because of the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS). MERS died down in Korea just in time for CGM to barely be able to hold the retreat in time. This retreat was more meaningful because of that. However, many foreign members were unable to attend.

Pastor Jung Myeong Seok gave Wolmyeongdong the theme of this retreat: Put up the mast and sail of the Lord. His message conveyed the importance of living centered on the Lord. He wanted to make sure the Lord was our guide as we sailed through life. Everyone who attended this retreat from the campus and career departments offered thanksgiving and gave glory with joy.

At the Wolmyeong Water Park, the members held events and games. They made a boat with a sail and set it afloat in the water to commemorate the theme, Put up the mast and sail of the Lord. The members also enjoyed relief from the sweltering heat by swimming in the water park.

Summer Retreat Word and Proverbs

The summer retreat proverbs and artworks, both written and drawn by Pastor Jung, were stationed throughout Wolmyeongdong. Members were able to meditate on those proverbs. At the valley of Mount Indae, Darigol and at the Longevity Rock, people were positioned to preach those proverbs aloud. The members listened to those proverbs with interest and were deeply touched in their hearts by them.

In 2015, a retreat was held for every department: the junior high and high schools on August 8, the elementary school students from Grades 4-6 on August 13, the older members on August 15, the combined Family Department members on August 22, and the children on August 28.

Through this summer retreat, I hope that all members of CGM will become strong in spirit, soul and body. And I hope they will receive the mentality of the Lord in the Wolmyeongdong Natural Temple, where God provides refreshing water.

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