Winter Stars in Wolmyeongdong

Hey everyone! I’m not sure how much of an astrology buff you are, but I love astrology! I’m always on the look out for places with clear night views of the stars. If there’s a […]

Wolmyeongdong Winter Kingdom

Wolmyeongdong Winter Kingdom Hello everyone! I had an opportunity to stay in Wolmyeongdong from January¬†18th to the 20th with some of my friends, and I had such a great time! So I wanted to write […]

Winter Lawn Sanctuary

During the winter, the lawn is covered by layers of snow. Even though the sun is out, it is still cold!

Winter Ambition Masterpiece

The Ambition Masterpiece during the winter. When it snows, the Natural Temple because a winter wonderland!

Winter Dogwood Trees

Along the trail to Darigol Prayer Cave, you can see dogwood trees. In the winter, they lose their leaves and are layered by snow, making for a mysterious sight.