Close up of the bronze Jesus statue's face

Bronze Jesus Statue

Close-up of the bronze Jesus statue next to the sports field. Pastor Jeong Myeong Seok received the design for the statue during prayer. He wanted to make a lifelike statue that would help people feel how real Jesus is.

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Three benches surrounding a tree along a hiking trail in Wolmyeongdong

Rest Spot in Wolmyeongdong

Autumn is one of the best times to come to Wolmyeongdong because the weather is nice and refreshing. Along the hiking trails are benches that you can sit on if you want to rest or just enjoy God’s creation!

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Picture of the whale rock

God’s Word is a Revelation

God’s Word is a revelation. During the Sunday, Wednesday, and morning services, revelations from God and the Holy Son are proclaimed in abundance. So you should listen well, realize that they are revelations from the Trinity, and then put them into practice. If you do, then you will gain tremendous things.

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