Cut Satan Like Cutting Arrowroot Vines | Jung Myung Seok

Learning about how to manage lives in Wolmyeongdong

There is something Pastor Jung Myung Seok teaches whenever he goes out to cut down bushes. He teaches the same thing even when he goes out for the 100th time. He tells people, “Look at this. Just as a tree can die from being squeezed by a python, this big tree died because it was squeezed by arrowroot vines. You see it, right? All of you too will die if you are squeezed by satans and weeds. So it makes me anxious sometimes. While taking time to reflect on this, let’s cut down all of the arrowroot vines in the area.”

If you manage trees like this, then they will become big later on.

There was a time when daisy fleabanes filled the whole lawn. Some may think they look beautiful, but they are actually harmful for a field. Whether it’s a field or anything else, once daisy fleabanes fill the area, they will ruin the place.

Jung Myung Seok came with 50 people to Wolmyeongdong around 1982. At that time, they took some photos around the hill where the lawn is now. If you look at those photos, you won’t be able to see even one pine tree. You can’t see any because of the daisy fleabanes that filled the area. Jung Myung Seok was able to spot one tree at that time, but it was really small. And since he managed it really well, that small tree has become a grand tree.

Jung Myung Seok wants to teach people about faith through nature

Since Jung Myung Seok worked with some volunteers to remove the arrowroot vines earlier, they felt good. He wanted to teach them that if they work on something, they will also feel the urge to utilize the place.

Wolmyeongdong is a place we developed so that people like you could use it. When the volunteers cut down the arrowroot vines, they felt like they became owners of Wolmyeongdong.

Even though there were so many arrowroot vines here and there, Jung Myung Seok got rid of them all. That was the end of the arrowroot vines. Now, Wolmyeongdong is a sanctuary where we can lie down, sleep, play, and hear the Word. We can experience and feel the indescribable beauty of life even more. And sometimes, it touches our hearts.

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