When It Comes to Starting, You Have to Start from the Starting Line

A person who begins early and a person who begins late are as different as the distance between heaven and earth. Wolmyeongdong, the Natural Temple, could only become fully developed because development began on time.

Nowadays, rocks are rare. Before, when we looked around for rocks, searching in all directions, we found them so easily. It was like picking up loose grain from a field.

In the beginning, we could buy any rock as long as we gave them money. Dealers even asked us to buy their rocks. At that time, money was ten times more valuable than it is now, while on the other hand, rocks were ten times more available.

But now, everyone is going around asking where all the rocks have gone. This happened with the trees, and this happened with the workers as well.

Everyone, you should put the Lord’s Word into practice. He told us to “start quickly!” When you put the Lord’s Word into practice, then you will realize that you have suffered losses because you started late and realize the fact that you have received blessings whenever you started quickly.

When it comes to starting, you have to start from the starting line. You do not need to start before it is time to run. When the Lord says, “Start quickly!” then that means you should start on time.

In order to start quickly, your heart has to be moved, you should have stored up prayer, and your thoughts need to remain awake.

To those who are blind to starting! Open your eyes! Jump on and start quickly!

~Excerpt from the Wednesday message of Nov 7, 2012; Pastor Jung Myung Seok

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