Work That Is Simply Done Has No Value

I told you to do things artistically even when you work. I told you to do it like you are creating a masterpiece. I told you that because work that has been done in an ordinary way and work that has been finished as a masterpiece are different.

When working here in Wolmyeongdong, a person who works marvelously as if they were creating a masterpiece will do in one day work that is worth more than 50 days of work. This is the difference when it comes to work that is finished as a masterpiece before God.

However, if a person simply works, there is no value.

Even a house that is built as a masterpiece has tremendous value. If it is a masterpiece, it will be worth more than 2 million dollars even if it costs only 100 thousand dollars.

Everything becomes valuable when it is made as a masterpiece.

Since the pine trees here in Wolmyeongdong are raised and cultivated as masterpieces, people who seem them utter in astonishment, “Wow!”

When I went to places like sculpture parks and saw things created to be masterpieces, they looked like things made by an elementary school kid and it didn’t really catch my eye. I didn’t even understand what they were made for.

Still, I walked around while thinking, “There’s nothing to see. Compared to masterpieces made before God, how can people say that these are masterpieces?”

~Excerpt from the morning message of September 1, 1998; Pastor Jung Myung Seok

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