Pray and Confess Your Desires to the Lord While Thinking of the Story

There was a person who received the fire of the Holy Spirit while he was praying holding onto the Prayer Miracle Pine on the back mountain.

Prayer Miracle Pine
Prayer Miracle Pine

He called out to the Holy Spirit and repented, “Just like how this Prayer Miracle Pine was seared by fire, my heart is seared by sin, so please save me.”

You must have a proper understanding of the stories in Wolmyeongdong if you want to receive the same miracles through prayer.

There was another person who prayed earnestly besides the Camel Rock saying, “Just as a camel treks firmly from one end of a desert to the other, please help me be a person who follows after You until the end of my days.”

Camel Rock
Camel Rock

The Lord blessed him saying, “What you are seeking is proper before My eyes. Those who run for Me must have a persistent heart like a camel.”

He was so happy that he sent me a letter.

The Lord said, “Because people pray at places with stories, places where you have worked upon together with the Trinity, I as well as the Holy Spirit visit them often. The Natural Temple of Wolmyeongdong is like the Jerusalem of this time period, that is why I said, do not leave but pray.”

Miracles surge where there is a story with Heaven. According to the story of each location, pray and confess your desires to the Lord. Since Wolmyeongdong has been made together with the Lord, you have to acknowledge the stories before the Lord can work upon you.

Everything in the Holy Land is a part of God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son. It is a sacred place. Therefore, do not take it lightly. Do you know how much effort was put into making this place? It is not simply a place for sightseeing. It is a palace of Heaven. It is a sanctuary dedicated to Heaven.

If you pray here being aware that I also pray for the Holy Land every day, you will be able to pray deeper and enter into a deep spiritual state.

~Excerpts from the Friday Prayer Assembly of August 3, 2012; Pastor Jung Myung Seok

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