The Fundamental Purpose For Which God Created the Earth

We toiled for more than 15 years to build the Holy Land. Since we have endeavored so much to make Wolmyeongdong how it is now, what is the most satisfying way to use it?

Everyone, think of yourselves as the owner while you think about this question.

Consider this: Would you be satisfied if we used this place as a tourist spot and boasted to everyone about it? Or, would you be satisfied if we used it among ourselves as a summer villa or an arts center?

Better yet, would you be satisfied if we were to raise all kinds of fish and rare species—letting the swan play in the lake, having dozens of deer dash about, having peacocks play in the mountains, and having tropical birds sing?

Since the air is clean and it is quiet, would you be satisfied if we were to use this place with the purpose of living a healthier life than other people?

In order for us to be satisfied, we have to use this place as a gathering place for all the lives that live meaninglessly on this earth or the lives that if left alone will head towards Hades and the Abyss. We have to teach those people the Word of life and enlighten them about God, tell them about the stories of how we built this place, make them feel Heaven on earth by fulfilling the Will of God on earth, and have their spirit live eternally serving and loving God even after they die and go to the eternal Heaven.

Since this place has been made by God, wouldn’t it be a waste if we used it as a tourist spot, a summer villa, or a swimming pool?

When people use this place during their lifetimes as a place to reach the eternal kingdom of God, God who made it and the ones who have participated will be satisfied. It is not a waste if it is used to fulfill God’s purpose. It gains value and becomes a place where miracles occur.

The sanctuary is the Lord’s body. It belongs to God. You have to live knowing this. All the churches around the world, you yourself, and the Natural Temple are all sanctuaries and houses that belong to God. You need to know that these are all things that symbolize the Lord’s body and use them valuably because they all belong to God. You have to especially use it valuably so that the history of God will not be blocked.

The pavilion during winter.

From the perspective of God who created the universe and the earth, what would be the best way to use the earth to bring God the most satisfaction?

Would He be satisfied if we used it as a tourist spot?
Would He be satisfied if we used it as a quiet summer villa?
Would He be satisfied if we put this place up for rent and used it by charging others?
Would He be satisfied if we used it as a battlefield?
Would He be satisfied if we used it as an art center?
Would He be satisfied if we used it as a place for ethnic reproduction?
Would He be satisfied if we used it as a place for dating?
Would He be satisfied if we used it as a place to eat, drink, play around, and sleep?

People truly devalue the earth by using it in worthless ways. Realize that what God is saying is that we are using the earth so regrettably.

There is a fundamental purpose for which God created the earth. He will not be satisfied until the earth is used accordingly to fulfill His Will for this land.

God wants us to love Him, obey the Word according to His Will, center on the central figures, the prophets, and the Messiah who have been sent in each time period, listen to the Word that is spoken through their lips, fulfill Heaven on earth, live honoring and loving God, go to Heaven after death, and rejoice and be happy in seeing the Heaven that God created and live together with Him forever. God created the earth thinking that this is what would satisfy His heart.

You have to surely realize why God our Creator created the earth, realize the best way to use it to bring God satisfaction, and realize the best way to use it so that you will be satisfied as well. You have to use it as you keep God’s laws. Then, miracles will happen.

God gave us His law so that you and other lives will be satisfied when you use it to make Him satisfied. You have to use it in this way, then God will rejoice and show you many wonders. Then there will also be gratification for designing it and making it. It is the same with the earthly world, the same with the Holy Land, and the same with each of your individual lives.

~Excerpt from the Sunday message of April 27, 2008; Pastor Jung Myung Seok

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