Plan Before Acting

When I built the rock landscape in Wolmyeongdong, if I had thoughts of only setting up small sized rocks, I would have looked for and erected only small sized rocks. Then the Natural Temple would have become a “mini” rock temple.

However, because God gave me a big vision for Wolmyeongdong, from the beginning, I planned on setting up big boulders. Whenever I went to look for rocks, small rocks didn’t even catch my eyes. I only noticed huge rocks and boulders. Stones that could be moved with excavators didn’t appeal to me. Instead, I looked for rocks that needed to be moved with a crane. Thus, when we built the Ambition Masterpiece, we used a crane to erect some mammoth-sized rocks.

In this way, you must have big thoughts in order to do things on a big scale and in order to do things in large quantities.

Those who make up their minds to evangelize 10,000 people in one year don’t even think about ending their day with speaking to one person. They gather at least a few scores or a few hundreds of listeners and preach to them, thus converting dozens or hundreds of people in one fell swoop.

In order to reach my goal of evangelizing 10,000 people, I preached to crowds as large as 300 or 700 people throughout the year. At other times, I would cry out to dozens of people at once, and when there was only a single person, I managed that person and raised him so that he would evangelize continually following my example.

When you do something on a big scale, the difference starts from the planning stage. According to the plan you design, your hope grows, your mentality changes, and you move forward with a bigger vision in mind.

~Excerpt from the Sunday message of January 10, 2010; Pastor Jung Myung Seok

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