[News Wave] Christian Gospel Mission Organizes Flower Queen Festival in Wolmyeongdong

Chairman Jung Myung Seok creates an exhibition for proverbs, comparing life to flowers.

▲ A crowd of people walk through the entrance to Wolmyeongdong during the 2015 Flower Festival

Jung Myung Seok, Chairman of the Christian Gospel Mission (CGM), organized the opening ceremony for the Flower Queen Festival on May 2, 2015. The Wolmyeongdong Recreation Center held the event in the main area of the Natural Temple located in Jinsan. The festival this year will last until May 10, 2015.

The opening ceremony contained a display of videos, orchestral performances, and a range of other performances.

Human flowers gather in Wolmyeongdong

The month of May is truly the queen of all seasons! Throughout the festival, the Natural Temple was like a fantastic backdrop painted with fully bloomed flowers. Above all, the human flowers, the most beautiful of all flowers in nature, were the center of the festival. The participants enjoyed the magnificence of nature and gave glory to God with joy and thanksgiving. Naturally, the excitement of the festival intensified overtime.

The highlight of the Flower Queen Festival was the King Cherry Blossom Woods. It is located behind the Holy Son’s House of Love. The Wolmyeongdong Recreation Center created a designated zone in the flower garden where people could take pictures. So people went there to take commemorative pictures to remember the festival.

It is said that a load of bread is better than the song of many birds. Adhering to this saying, CGM provided free lunch to all visitors. The queue was very long.

Proverb exhibition

Along the Front Mountain, Chairman Jung Myung Seok wrote proverbs to display as an exhibition. The proverbs compared life to flowers.

“Flowers are beautiful and fragrant. However, they wither in an instant. In this way, life is like a flower. The life of the physical body is a life of vanity.” – Jung Myung Seok

▲ A crowd of people attend a concert on the lawn sanctuary in Wolmyeongdong (Taken by Kim, Byeong-wha)

A 24-year-old youth group leader from Yongin said, “Although flowers are very beautiful, they wither in an instant. I realized deeply that my life will quickly wither like these flowers, and that for the rest of my life, I must live well.”

The exhibition of proverbs was about the value of life and the value of receiving salvation. It portrayed the value of believing in and loving God, which extends to the eternal world. Such proverbs attracted the attention of the visitors.

Soccer tournament

During the third part of the event, the recreation center held a soccer tournament using six soccer fields. Every year, CGM works in conjunction with the recreation center to hold the Flower Festival. The Flower Festival is an event in which people from Korea and all over the world come together to enjoy Heaven’s gifts. Wolmyeongdong is a place with fresh air, and its surroundings are breathtaking. People can enjoy it all while giving glory through performances, praise, and sports.

Lee Won-young (32), a freestyle soccer player, who appeared in the popular Korean television show called Star King, said, “I was able to do well because I put Jung Myung Seok’s teachings into practice.”

He received a lot of attention from the visitors during the Flower Queen Festival this year. He put to practice one of Jung Myung Seok’s many proverbs. As a result, his life changed for the better.

Lee was the hero of the event. Before the opening ceremony of the Flower Festival began, he performed on stage a variety of difficult tricks with a soccer ball.

He constantly reminded himself of the proverb, “If you do it, it will work out. But if you do not do it, it will not work out.” He said, “I made endless efforts to put that proverb into practice. Whenever I was discouraged, I would think about this proverb and overcome my difficulties.”

He also said, “I put Jung Myung Seok’s teachings into practice while pushing myself endlessly. I was really struck when he said, ‘God gave us unlimited potential. So if we make ourselves, we can become like superheros. You can bring out your ability to go beyond what is ordinary when you take interest in it and have curiosity for it.’ By challenging myself with this in mind, I was able to do what others could not.”

He was a contestant on the talent show Star King. His nickname on the show was the magnetic forehead king. His performance involved juggling, and by challenging himself to the limits of what a human being is capable of, he became a hot topic of conversation.

When asked what he wanted to do in the future, he said, “I was able to balance balls and other objects on my forehead well while I was practicing balancing. I want to teach teenagers who are unable to find the center of their thoughts and teach them how to find it. I also want to introduce them to Jung Myung Seok, who taught me and helped me be where I am today.”

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