Hike Together to Cookie Peak – Wolmyeongdong Virtual Tour

Virtual Tour to Cookie Peak

This week, I went on a hike together with one of my friends to Cookie Peak in Wolmyeongdong. Since people have requested me to film videos of the trails, I brought my trusty 360 camera with me. Starting from the top of the lawn sanctuary to the top of Cookie Peak, I filmed everything! You will only notice a short break once because the Ricoh Theta I am using can only shoot continuously for 25 minutes.

I don’t know why that limit is there, but I felt anxious. So if you watch carefully, you will see me look at the camera often (haha). Anyway, I was able to spot when the camera turned off pretty quickly. I think there is only a few minutes I missed. Next time, I’ll run to the top of Cookie Peak and stabilize the footage so that you’ll have a better viewing experience.

The name of this peak is not actually Cookie Peak. I am dubbing it “Cookie Peak” because that is easier to say. The real name of the peak is Geugi Peak. I’m not sure what “Geugi” means in Korean, but I’ll ask someone later.

I have other 360 videos uploaded on youtube, which you can check out here:

I wanted to make it more interesting for you since the hike from the lawn to Cookie Peak is about 40 minutes. That’s why I invited one of my friends to hike with me. He came the day before and was going to hike up anyway, so he gladly accepted the company. I hope you enjoy our chat as well. Later, I’ll bring Nemo (local dog in Wolmyeongdong) with me or something (haha).

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