Ambition Masterpiece Rock Landscape – Wolmyeongdong Virtual Tour

Virtual TourĀ of the Ambition Masterpiece Rock Landscape in Wolmyeongdong

Whenever I see pictures of the Ambition Masterpiece online, I feel like the pictures just don’t do it justice. The landscape is a hundred times more amazing and wonderful in person. If we had some sort of teleportation machine, I would bring you to Wolmyeongdong in a flash. But since we don’t have that, I thought it would be good to take a video of the Ambition Masterpiece in full 360 degrees!

IĀ started at the base of the Ambition Masterpiece near the entrance of the sports field from the lake. From there, I went up the rocks like stairs a little bit and then went down. During that time, some children were running around on the lawn. So you can hear them chasing each other and stuff. This video was also taken during the flower festival, which we hold every spring.

After walking along the base of the Ambition Masterpiece to the lawn, I went up the slope and walked along the second floor of the rock landscape. The landscape is actually divided into three parts: a lower, middle, and upper section. The lower and middle sections are areas people can sit on since the rocks are set horizontally. The middle section has two layers to it as well. If you go through the path that cuts through the landscape, you will reach the front of the lake next to the waterfall.

In the upper section of the landscape, the rocks are erected to stand vertically. So it’s much harder to sit there. But for those who like climbing, it’s possible to scale up to the top. I did a scaling myself while holding the camera so you can get a better idea of how high the Ambition Masterpiece actually is.

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