How To Landscape With Huge Rocks In 4-Steps

Learn how to landscape using huge rocks! You can use the techniques I outline for small rocks as well!

Step 1: Find a Place to Put Your Rocks

Wolmyeongdong Recreation Center finished the Banquet Courtyard this year in 2017. The director in the red cap led the rock landscaping. You can see him in this video looking for rocks to choose from the sports field. Anytime we are developing landscapes, we need a place to put the rocks.

So the majority of the rocks we gather end up on the sports field because that’s the place we have the biggest space. Since the banquet courtyard will be the last rock landscape construction we build, we are in the process of storing and cleaning up the sports field.

Our next construction project will probably require rocks as well. But we won’t be using them like we would to build a rock landscape.

Step 2: Select the Most Suitable Rock

When considering how to landscape with huge rocks, the most important step is selecting the most suitable rock for the spot you want to fill. In the video, one of the reasons why the rock fit perfectly in the end is the director chose the best rock after careful deliberation.

Since we are dealing with huge rocks, once the director finds a suitable rock, we move it with an excavator. In the video, you can see the excavator driver moving the rock over to the courtyard. Even though everyone looks like a professional, the majority of people actually learned by doing it ourselves. DIY for the win! So even if you have a rock landscaping project, don’t fret. Just follow the basics I outline here and practice! With time, you’ll get better.

The key is to measure things well. If you measure the rocks you will use and the space you want to put it, that will reduce the amount of changes you will need to make when you are placing the rock. With bigger rocks and rocks with weird shapes, you will have to measure more aspects of the rock. Some things to consider will be the height of the rock or the depth.

Step 3: Make Your Life Easier with the Right Equipment and Machinery

When you are in the planning stages of considering how to landscape with the rocks you have, you should consider the tools you will be using. If you don’t have the right equipment, then the time it takes for you to landscape will increase by many folds.

For us, we have huge rocks to move. It would be nigh impossible if we did not have an excavator or crane. The scale requires us to use heavy machinery. So we do. Once we bring the rock over with an excavator, we use a crane to lift it to the place we want to put it.

Step 4: Make Adjustments for a Perfect Fit

Although it may seem cumbersome to make these small adjustments, this is not a step we recommend skipping. This is the icing on the cake. It seems like a small thing, but it makes a huge difference later on. The effort you put in during this stage will determine how the overall feel of the landscape turns out. I think this is what gives your landscape the natural feel it should have when people are looking at it.

So when the rock doesn’t fit in the spot you want to put it on, we have to prepare the foundation more. Then it fits perfectly. Near the end of the video, we checked to see if the rock would fit. Since it didn’t, we made some adjustments. After the adjustments, you can see how the rock fit perfectly!

In Summary

How to landscape with huge rocks in four steps!

  1. Find a place to put your rocks.
  2. Select the most suitable rocks.
  3. Make your life easier with the right equipment and machinery.
  4. Make adjustments for a perfect fit.

There’s a lot I can talk about, but for now, I will end here. Stay tuned for our next post about rock landscaping!

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