Become a Masterpiece by Making Yourself!

Make your daily life beautiful like the Natural Temple

With hard work and persistence, you can make a masterpiece. People can make themselves into masterpieces as much as they work on themselves. The Natural Temple is an example of a great masterpiece that we made after overcoming challenges and difficulties.

There were sections of the Natural Temple that were extremely difficult to make according to God’s design. The Ambition Masterpiece was especially difficult. In order to build the Ambition Masterpiece, we needed to acquire large rocks and place them on steep slopes. Also, we had to place the rocks in a harmonious way. In the end, it crumbled five times. It is also tremendously difficult to plant large pine trees in cliff-like conditions. Even though the process was challenging, we made a masterpiece successfully on the sixth try. 

Ultimately, God’s design was actualized and built. All we have to do now is manage the temple well, go there, view the beauty, wonder, and majesty, and use it valuably. When you go to the Natural Temple with your problems and converse with and earnestly ask God and the Holy Spirit, They will give you the answer! The Natural Temple is the palace of God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son whom we love, believe in, and serve to the utmost.

In the same way, even if it is something that is difficult to make, as long as you make it, it will become a masterpiece. Just as God designed and built the Natural Temple, each of us should make ourselves. We should make our daily life beautiful like the Natural Temple was made.


The Ambition Masterpiece of the Natural Temple