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First Official Building in Providence the Holy Son’s house of love Wolmyeongdong

People gathered in the Holy Son's House of Love Opening Ceremony Service
People gathered in the Holy Son's House of Love Opening Ceremony Service
The First Official Building in Wolmyeongdong

Within Providence’s 35 years of history, the Holy Son’s House of Love is its first official building. We held a dedication service and ceremony in the main sanctuary on the morning of the 12th. It lasted 3 hours. For this event, over a thousand people–consisting of head pastors and department leaders–attended.

Pastor Moon Seong-chun hosted the first part of the service for about an hour. After that, Pastor Jung Jo-eun delivered the message Pastor Jung Myung Seok sent.

The Story Behind the Holy Son’s House of Love

Pastor Jung Myung Seok told us the story behind the Holy Son’s House of Love.

In order to receive the Lord’s design, he had to study an architecture book for over two years. While he was planning, he received an inspiration saying, “Build it beautifully, mysteriously, and majestically according to the Holy Son’s Will.”

We completed the Ambition Masterpiece after we built it six times. In the same way, we completed the Holy Son’s House of Love after we revised the blueprint six times. He said that the Ambition Masterpiece and this building were the pride of the Holy Trinity.

Cutting the Ribbon

After the dedication service, we began the dedication ceremony. Those who achieved great ministry merits gathered together in front of the Holy Son’s House of Love. Combined, they represented all of Providence. In order to celebrate the opening of the building, they cut a ribbon.

The whole event began from 10 am. During the dedication ceremony, Pastor Kang Jung-ho presided. We played videos of the construction of the building, and following that, Pastor Jung Beom-seok delivered a great message. The message moved people to tears.

Ending the Service

The orchestra wrapped up the event with a performance, and we ended with some cake-cutting.

After the event, people gave further thanksgiving to the Holy Trinity in Wolmyeongdong over lunch. The people who ate in Wolmyeongdong that day said it was like a great feast.

Under Pastor Jung Myung Seok’s guidance, since we all built the Holy Son’s House of Love together with the Trinity, we were all thrilled and happy.

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