Wolmyeongdong History

Wolmyeongdong: The Most Scenic Land

Places with excellent scenery, places where famous people were born, or places that hold great historical meaning quickly become famous places. Historically, there have been many cases where a region or an environment became famous because an exceptionally remarkable person was born there.

Wolmyeongdong too was only a deep mountain valley full of weeds, wild roses, and thistles. However, Pastor Jung Myung Seok changed it by taking action after listening to the Lord’s Word. After the valley changed, it came to life.

Once this dead valley came back to life, it was adorned as God’s natural temple. Because it was adorned according to Heaven’s design, we came to use it in a gratifying way for the Lord’s Will.

History of Wolmyeongdong

Wolmyeongdong is a place that God chose long ago, and it is a place that was developed according to Heaven's timing. Pastor Jung began designing the Natural Temple from the early days of Providence. In the process, he told the Lord about his plan. He pleaded to the Lord to allow him to deliver sermons while giving glory to God amidst nature.

In the beginning, Pastor Jung showed the Lord a drawing and asked the Lord if we could have a place like the Natural Temple. Because his plea was appropriate, the Lord gave him Wolmyeongdong, a place that the Holy Trinity had prepared beforehand. Because Pastor Jung asked earnestly, the Lord gave us the land of Wolmyeongdong and had us take action according to God’s design. The Lord gave Pastor Jung everything he needed as much as he asked, sought and knocked.

A famous place with beautiful scenery should be equipped with rocks, trees, and water. Wolmyeongdong has all of these. At first, we were short of water, but by making the lake we fulfilled all the important criteria. Both the Camel Rock and the Longevity Rock were rocks that no one would ever have looked at. No one would have dug them out. They would have left them in the ground if Pastor Jung had not been born in the valley of Wolmyeongdong. Since he was born here, the rocks, boulders, and the whole region has become a meaningful place.

Discovering the Value of Wolmyeongdong

The villages below Wolmyeongdong (e.i., Seokmak-ri, Ohang-ri, Samga-ri, and Buam-ri) are in the same region. They also have many rocks and boulders. However, even though there are rocks in those places, there is no one who treats them with value and no one who goes to see them. A great person has to be born in a region. Only then will even the most insignificant rocks and boulders be seen as valuable.

If Pastor Jung, a believer of God, had not been born in the valley of Wolmyeongdong, this valley would not have looked as beautiful as it does today.

Because he made stories with the Lord for the sake of His deep Will, even a small woodsman’s path in Wolmyeongdong has become more meaningful than any other place. Even when it comes to tending one tree and raising just one person, what is done together with the Holy Son becomes famous and leaves a mark in history for a long time, just as Wolmyeongdong, the Natural Temple, has.

Greatest Place on Earth

The Holy Son said that the Holy Land Wolmyeongdong is a famous place. Daedun Mountain became famous because of the shape of its ridges, but Wolmyeongdong became famous because it is where a great figure of Heaven’s history was born.

Among the many places of this wide world, the Almighty God sent Pastor Jung to this small, narrow valley of Wolmyeongdong in order to develop it and spread the gospel of the Almighty Holy Son. Therefore, Wolmyeongdong has become a place that has deeper meaning and deeper stories than any other famous place in the entire world. Because Wolmyeongdong is equipped even with ridges that have great shape, it is outstanding.

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