Pray and Confess Your Desires to the Lord While Thinking of the Story

There was a person who received the fire of the Holy Spirit while he was praying holding onto the Prayer Miracle Pine on the back mountain.

He called out to the Holy Spirit and repented, “Just like how this Prayer Miracle Pine was seared by fire, my heart is seared by sin, so please save me.”

You must have a proper understanding of the stories in Wolmyeongdong if you want to receive the same miracles through prayer.

Now Is Too Late

In the past, I worked and ran really diligently and passionately. I cherished each day of my youth and ran while endeavoring with all my effort. Even now, I am so busy, but compared to the past, I am actually resting a tiny bit here.

You too, when you get old, you won’t be able to evangelize, lecture, manage, or learn. You must do those things while you are young. You must shine your light when you are young. When you get old, you should live your life managing and looking after the things you’ve accomplished while you were young.

Humans Should Lean on God’s Hands

Consider the Front Mountain of Wolmyeongdong. The previous owner wanted to use it as a graveyard or as a field.

He let thorn bushes and common shrubs collect along the mountainside while saying, “This mountain is useless. The hill is too steep and because it’s in the shade, I can’t use it for anything. I’ll just use it as a graveyard when I die.”

He planned to use this mountain as a graveyard.

Humans, the Lords of All Creation

While thinking about how fast radio and television waves were, faster than the whole animal kingdom and human beings, I asked the Lord, “Why did God create the lords of all creation to be inferior to beasts and nature?”

Understand God’s Heart Properly Through Prayer

Since I believed that God had already determined every human being’s fate, I thought that humans had no other choice but to live as predestined. No one taught me about this, but as I observed how things were, this was the conclusion that I reached through my own realizations.

Really, it was my own realization.

God’s Word is a Revelation

God’s Word is a revelation. During the Sunday, Wednesday, and morning services, revelations from God and the Holy Son are proclaimed in abundance. So you should listen well, realize that they are revelations from the Trinity, and then put them into practice. If you do, then you will gain tremendous things.

Work That Is Simply Done Has No Value

When working here in Wolmyeongdong, a person who works marvelously as if they were creating a masterpiece will do in one day work that is worth more than 50 days of work. This is the difference when it comes to work that is finished as a masterpiece before God.